Kim Harris
Cincinnati, Ohio

"What we say and what we do (good or bad), will influence the lives of our children for the rest of their lives". Let's strive to make it a very good influence.

Hi! Welcome to my wholesome site. My first article here, was published on February 12, 2011! My name is Kim Harris. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS Feed. Thanks for visiting! 

I'll take you on a journey with me as I raise my tween and teen. Along the way I'll provide you with helpful advice and resources that I use. My site is for teens and parents together (not just parents).

Here's What I Have To Offer You
  • My site focuses on wholesome, honest, and practical advice.
  • I don't encourage safe sex (I encourage abstaining from sex).
  • I encourage parents to help their teens make better decisions. 
  • For the most part, I share my very own true personal stories.

If you're a teenager or parent, you're in the right place!

Being married for over 15 years, having two kids of my own, and having been through many of the issues that I write about, qualifies me to write this blog. I think we need to have more teen sites that are wholesome, real, and truthful. It is my hopes that parents and teens will cherish my site. It's filled with a lot of care, concern, and love for people. Especially kids (teens)!

I was a teen once. I share my knowledge and trials with other parents and teens. So here you have it, "4 Thinking Teens."

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