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Where do you get your advice (suggestions) from?
I utilize several areas of expertise for my blog. Some of it comes from my very own experiences as a teenager and a Mom (mixed with a little common sense). The rest of it comes from doing research in various trustworthy and reliable spiritual publications, made specifically for families. Due to copy write laws, I do not reproduce their literature. I simply read it, tie it in with what I already know, and write it my own words. Sort of like an essay.

Do I have to pay for anything?
No, all information on this site is available to you free of charge. As a stay at home Mom, I do rely on advertisements, and affiliate programs for funding. Therefore, you'll see ads here on my site. I've put them on seperate pages, so they wouldn't  interfere with your reading. I don't want them taking away from the main purpose of my site. Which is to help parents and teens.

How come you do not recommend any other parenting or teen sites (that give advice)?
I do not recommend any other sites, because I personally find that many of them promote the wrong type of influence for our teens. Also, advice (from too many sources) can be a bit confusing. It changes too much. The advice that I give never changes.

Is your site safe and protected from viruses?
Yes, my site is very safe. I update it on a regular basis to keep viruses out. I'm also very strict as to what I place on my site. Your safety and the safety of your children, is of utmost importance to me.

Will you respect my privacy?
Yes, I will respect your privacy. I will not share your information (email address), with any third party. Any information that you give is only utilized for what it's needed for at that time. If you should have a personal question, please email me privately. I will not discuss your private email with anyone. 4thinkingteens@gmail.com

Do you have a forum?
I've considered having a forum off and on. I've even tried it. I found it best not to have one. I would hate for comments to get off track and out of control. I can monitor all of the comments here on my site. This keeps everything in the up and up (for my readers). I want to keep my site family friendly, encouraging, respectful, and wholesome. The comment boxes are available for anyone (even anonymous readers) to share his or her thoughts.

Can you write an article specifically for my question?
Sorry, I do not answer specific parent or teen questions. If you submit a question to me. I'll be more than glad to refer you to a resource that can better assist you.

Thank You!

Kim Harris

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