Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Should I let My Teenager Date?

Dating Can Be Lots Of Fun When Done The Right Way

Sooner or later our teens are going to be attracted to the opposite sex. One bit of advice, "Never stop talking."

My son must have been around 7 years old when he noticed the beauty of women. There was this commercial with Beyonce' in it. After the commercial went off, he turned and looked at me. He said, "She's kind of pretty isn't she?" My mouth dropped. I've never encouraged talk like that with him or anything. On another occasion, he said, "Girls are hot!" I said, "What?" I couldn't believe it! He was still 6 or 7 years old.

This is cute when they're small children. But what happens when two very young teens ages 14 and 15 start liking each other; and dating? To some it may still be cute. Is it really? What happens if the young lady gets pregnant? What if the young man leaves her (which happens most of the time)? She's left to care for the baby on her own. Because of this, many parents take on another child long after they've raised their own.

Should I Let My Teen Date?

Some parents approve of their teens dating as early as 13. This is their right. However, could they be setting them up for failure? Many problems can be avoided if we deny our teens the privilege of dating at an early age. My kids already know that there will be no dating allowed, while they're under our parental guidance (not before the age of 18). At the legal age, they're responsible for any and all decisions they make.

This is easier said than done. It's natural for teens to want to be around the opposite sex and be attracted to them. One thing we must remember is, the sexual urges are very strong for teens. They don't even fully understand what's happening to them. They need someone to guide them through these changes. They need someone to talk to them about the delicate subject of sex. That's where parents come in. Do not be afraid to talk about sex with your teens. They're going to hear about it anyway. Why not let them get the truth from you?

I find that some of the best times to talk to my kids are when we go for long drives, walks, or just sit up at night talking. My kids are more relaxed and willing to talk to me.

If you choose to let your teen date, here are four wholesome activities he/she can do with the opposite sex:
  1. Visit the museum (public place)
  2. Enjoy a meal together with a group of friends
  3. Go skating
  4. Have a gathering with a group of people including an older person (chaperon)

What are some other wholesome things to do with the opposite sex?

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