Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Overcome Your Loneliness - 7 Tips

Teens Need Nurturing Just Like Flowers

I think it’s safe to say that most teens have felt lonely at one time or another. I can remember when I started a new job working in a hospital. It seemed that I just didn’t fit in. I tried really hard to make friends. To me, I just was not getting anywhere. I wasn’t looking for personal or very close friendships. I just wanted a couple of good work related friendships. Well, I stayed at this job for close to two years. I’m glad that I didn’t give up.

Over time, people started finding me likable. I think they just needed that time to get to know me. I was able to develop a few good friendships at work. We worked hard together, we laughed together, we complained together, and we walked to our cars together! I really appreciated those few friendships I had while working there. Although I ended up making a few friends, as I mentioned before, I was very lonely at the start of that job.
There are so many things in life that can cause teens to feel lonely. Here are a few:
  1. Parents that don't listen
  2. Moving to a new location
  3. Going to a new school
  4. Unstable family
  5. Lack of friends
  6. Depression/chronic depression
  7. No family
  8. The start of a new job
This is a short list. I’m sure there are plenty more reasons that can be added to this list. Loneliness is a worldwide concern. There are even songs written about it.

How can teens deal with loneliness? 
  1. Try to think more positively about loneliness. After all, loneliness can be good at times.
  2. Don’t isolate yourself. Seek the friendship of others. Perhaps you can join someone for a meal.
  3. Be a friend first. Listen to others. Be yourself. People will like you just because you’re, “You”.
  4. Help others. When we help others, we tend to forget about our own problems.
  5. Get out and do something physical (walking, bike riding, skating, or running). Do whatever physical exercise you enjoy doing.
  6. Try not to feel sorry for yourself. It’ll only make you feel worse. Turn your loneliness into something positive. This may be a good time to learn a new skill.
  7. Connect with your friends on line. If you don’t have any friends on line. Reach out and connect with new on line friends (just be very careful). I keep my on line friends on line (I treat my on line friends the same as work associates). That is unless I know them personally. Not close and not personal. We support one another on line. I could not do what I do if I didn't have support from many of them.
Sometimes when I’m going through a lonely period in my life, I just need someone to talk to. It’s usually my Mom. She raised five teenagers. When she’s not available, I do something else I like to do. Such as: read, sleep, eat, shop, go skating, ministry work, call someone, play with my kids, get on face book , watch a movie, pray, or even have a good cry.

The point is not to let loneliness overtake us. It can cause us to become very depressed; to the point of feeling helpless. So next time you start feeling lonely, remember you’re not alone.


  1. Hi Kim - As a teenager, I felt lonely often, actually. Even through college, I felt that way. I didn't see the value of being different.

    Now, several years later, I'm happy (and grateful) to be different. But I know that it is much more difficult as a teenager.

  2. Hi Tia! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I'm glad you got through those teen years. They can be rough. Glad you're happier now! Keep up the good work on your site. You inspire me.

  3. Following back now. Thank you for stopping by & following. Nice post. :)

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    I appreciate your endeavour

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