Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Do You Know About Gangs?


Ask any gang member why they joined a gang, and you’ll get various answers. Some of them are: "For love, money, drugs, power, sex, loneliness, out of anger, for recognition, and a glamorous life style." In simple terms, they join gangs because they feel like they’re not getting their needs met at home.

As we are raising our teenagers, we should keep these things in mind. None of us want to see our teens joining any type of gang. We try to protect them from gangs. Not guide them to the gangs. In order to do this, we must educate our children; and warn them of the dangers involved with gangs. It is very important that we keep talking to our children. Show them that we love them and care for them. This means giving more hugs and kisses. We need to be involved with what our children are involved in. Visit their school regularly, help them with homework, make time for family activities, and be available when they need to talk. We must do this in order to keep them from seeking this love and concern elsewhere.

Gang Initiation 
I have to admit, I didn’t know very much about gangs before putting this article together. I had to do some research. I was in tears after viewing some of this information. It is a must see for all concerned individuals. When I learned how some gang members initiate a person into the gang, I couldn’t believe it. Some are beaten in (by 4 or more members). Some are sexed in, by 4 or more members (along with violence). Finally, some have to go out and randomly kill someone; that they don’t even know. Now, we can’t go hiding from gangs or anything. However, we can be alert and know how they operate. This will put us in a better position to protect our children.

Did you know that new members and young members are the ones that do most of the crimes? Yes, they have to earn their stay. The older ones have done the work. They’ve proved themselves so to speak. These young ones don’t think about the consequences (going to prison or getting killed). They fail to realize that Mom and Dad are not the only ones with rules. Gangs have rules too (even a chain of command). If these rules aren’t followed, one could be beaten or killed. Prison has rules too. If one doesn’t follow the rules in prison, the same thing can happen. The criminals are the ones that make the rules. A question to ask our kids is, “Whose rules do you want to follow?”

Getting Out Of A Gang 
Even if you belong to a gang, you can still get out. You may have to move away and stay with relatives in another area. You can't tell anyone about this move. Perhaps if you fill your time with better activities, you’ll find yourself drifting away from that bad environment. If all else fails, you may have to approach the gang leader and explain to him your views.

Let him know why you want out (to change your life style). Let him know that you’d like to depart on good terms. Let him know that you’ll not be disclosing any information to anyone. Tell him that you don’t want any harm to come to him or you. Let him know that you hope all goes well with him. Hopefully, you’ll be able to walk away and never look back! Don’t give up in seeking a way out. These are just suggestions. Each person will handle his or her situation differently.

Thumbs up to all those who leave gangs! 

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