Saturday, March 5, 2011

Laws Parents And Teens Should Know

Parents Have Rights

When we have kids, the hospital doesn't give us a law book on kids. We don't even worry about any child laws while they're babies. We know that we're going to give them the best care.

When they reach the ages of ten to twelve, we wonder about the law on leaving them home alone. I know that this was a major concern for me. I really didn't know what the law said. Is there such a law? I learned that it varies from state to state.

Do Parents Have Rights?
Sure. We have rights. As long as the child is under the age of eighteen, we're responsible for him/her. Some laws surprised me. I was not aware of them. I think we as parents need to make ourselves fully aware of the laws regarding children.

Rights Terminated
Can parent's rights be terminated? Yes. If we prove to be unfit as parents, the court system can terminate our parental rights.

Rights of Children
Did you know that your children can sue you? There are procedures they must follow in order to do so.

Tried As an Adult
If a child commits a crime, there's Juvenile Court. It was put in place for young criminals. However, in some states, a child can be tried as an adult at the age of thirteen! Also in some states parents can be held responsible for damages caused by their child/teenagers.

Many of these laws are new to me. I didn't know them before. I think that all parents need to educate themselves on laws that involve children. Would you like to know the laws on kids? Would your family benefit from learning about these laws? How would you feel if you had these laws available to you in a desperate time of need? These laws are available to you! My recommendation for further reading is the Family Legal Guide  it is filled with everything you need to know as a parent.

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