Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Not A Baby!

Mom I'm Not a Baby!

"You treat me like I'm a baby!" "You never let me go anywhere or do anything."

If you're a parent with preteens or teenagers, you've probably heard these statements before. I fit into this category. Letting go of our kids is very hard. Being a parent and raising teenagers is a very challenging yet rewarding job. Probably one of the most challenging and important jobs you've ever had. The difference is, this is a job you can't quit. You may feel like it from time to time.

They're Not Babies Anymore

When kids are small, they accept anything. They don't talk back. They're very cooperative. Not so when they become teens. It's as if they're completely different. You have to get to know them all over. They're not babies anymore. I find this to be tough at times. I want to give my kids more freedom. I just get scared that something is going to happen to them. I won't even let my kids walk over a friend's house alone. Too many predators lurking around these days. 

If they want to go over a friend's house, I'll take them. It's much safer. We all are happy with doing it this way. They understand the danger of walking alone. I always tell them, "Walking in a group is so much safer." Since they can't walk with a group, I prefer to take them where they need to go. Although they have a measure of freedom (they can visit friends), they don't have total freedom. Also, there's always another adult present if I'm not.

Plan Activities for Your Teen

I think it's important to give our teens more freedom. Especially if we notice that they're responsible in other areas. It's best to start small. I let my son go play ball with some of his older Friends. They're twice his age. I trust them. They've proven to be very responsible. That's important. Know who your teen is with. Do you trust them? If you don't, explain this to your teen. Be careful with your choice of words. It's okay to deny them from hanging out with a dangerous or bad group of friends. If you do this, have something else planned for them.

I personally think it's best to have plans ahead of time for teens. What about having some of his/her friends over to the house, with you close by? This way, you'll get to know their friends better. They may even find out some things about their friends they didn't even know (good or bad). It's not going to hurt a group of teens, to have at least one mature and responsible adult present. Maybe two, so they can interact with each other. If you're a teen, try to cooperate with your parents more fully. Realizing they're responsible for your care. It's only natural for them to want to protect you. They love you!

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  1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog I have put you in my google reader and I look forward to reading your many thoughts so that I can get ready because my teenage days are starting early.

  2. LOL! I hear ya. My preteen (daughhter) is getting sort of, well you know, the M word (mouthy). I hope she doesn't see this post. She'll get me for it. Can't help but love her though. We'll get through it (together)!
    Thanks for your comment.


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