Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Should Young People Dress Any Kind Of Way?

Should anything go when it comes to the way our youth dress? Some youths think so. If we as adults try to assist them with their choice of fashion, they tend to call us, "Old fashioned!" They say, "No one wears that!" It's not that we want them to dress frumpy or unattractive. We simply want our preteens and teens to give off the right message. After all, clothes do send out messages about us.

Clothing Sends Out Messages

Some people have said that clothes show who you really are and how you feel about yourself. They can whisper conscientiousness, stability, high morals, or even rebellion and discontent. Some youths like to identify themselves through clothing. We've all seen ripped clothing, punked styles, or the very expensive designer clothes on our youth. Then we have those that try to attract the opposite sex or appear older than what they are.

So we can see that the way young people dress, will have a great impact on the people they meet and how they will be treated. I can say as a parent, "I'm definitely concerned with how my preteen Daughter dresses or wants to dress". She is only 11 years old. I don't want her sending the wrong message to others.

In my next article we will discuss how the friends of our preteens and teens can influence their dress.

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