Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Closer Look At Juvenile Prison

If parents are going to bring guns into the home, then it should be a requirement to educate any children in that home on guns, crimes committed with guns, and the consequences of those crimes. Many times parents bring guns home to protect the family. Only to have them used on a family member. Many times by a child. Is it worth it? Kids aren't dumb. They know how to get into whatever it is that they want. I can't think of a safe place in a home to keep a gun (especially with kids). If we hid a gun in our home, I guarantee you that my kids would find it......

There are much safer ways to protect our families. Each day I worry about someone breaking into my home while I sleep. But I don't let this worry consume me. I go over what I call an escape plan with my kids. I leave lights on in certain rooms. This way it looks like my home is active; although we're all knocked out. I also do a window, door, and garage check before turning in for the night. Be sure to check yours before you turn in for the night.  :)

Anyway, the story of this 10 year old is a sad one. No 10 year old should be put in Juvenile. I personally don't like those facilities. What are they teaching the kids? They lock them up like animals. Why not send them to school all day? Teach them how to control their anger. Help them to understand that violence is not the answer. Teach them a skill. Have communicating sessions with them (along with their parents). Putting them in a cell is not helping them to grow to maturity. I'd go crazy if I was locked up all day. That's why half of them get out only to return to a life of crime. Go figure.........

Personally, if my son committed a crime like this, I wouldn't want him locked up 24/7. I'd want to send him to some sort of school (safe) that would help him (away from others he could harm). One that would give him some freedom (monitored) to still enjoy life. We all make mistakes.

I'm fortunate to have my faith and belief in my God helping me with my kids. It makes a difference.

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