Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Four Tips For The Bullied

Do you pick on those that are weak and vulnerable? Do you do it by being cruel and abusive? Do you threaten, intimidate or control? Do you insult, use sarcasm, ridicule, and call others names? If so, you are a bully.

What Causes One To Become A Bully? 
  • Jealousy
  • Problems at home (aggression, violence)
  • A desire for attention
  • Influenced by television (criminals are made to look like the tough guy)
If you are a bully and you do not stop bullying others, it could cause problems for you later in life. If you decide to marry, you could become aggressive or violent towards your wife (and kids). This makes for a very unhappy home (marriage).

Working at any type of job requires team work and professionalism. You wouldn't be displaying team work or professionalism if you're always bullying others. Employers need workers that get along with others. They don't want workers that always end up in confrontations with others.

Older Ones Can Be Bullied Too

Bullying doesn't just happen to the young. It also happens to older ones. It's  just done in more subtle ways. It has happened to me several times on a job. I had to speak up. I was polite and very firm. Most of the time I had no problems after speaking up. If I did, I thought it would be a waste of my time to make an issue of it. I would just let it roll off my shoulders. I had a job to do. If it bothered me to the point of interfering with my job, I spoke with my boss (along with the person).

Four Important Tips For The Bullied 
  1. Do not retaliate. This could lead to worse problems (you don't deserve).
  2. Talk to your teacher (counselor) and parents. They may need to meet with the bully's parents.
  3. Do not be a coward. Stand up for yourself (speak up).
  4. You can arrange to speak one on one with your bully. This way he'll see that you're not afraid. Bullies like it when they can pick on someone that doesn't speak up. This will keep making you a target for them. They think they can get away with it, because you're not saying anything.
Six Tips For Parents And Teachers
  1. Take any and all complaints of bullying very serious.
  2. Arrange to meet with all parties involved.
  3. Reassure the student/child that bullying will not be tolerated.
  4. Parents teach your children (early in life) to treat others the way they'd like to be treated.
  5. If the abuse doesn't stop, sterner measures may have to be taken.
  6. Do not wait to take action (further harm could be done).
Due to bullying problems, some parents have decided at some point while raising their teenagers (smaller children), to take them out of a traditional school; in order to homeschool them.

Story Of A Teenager That Was Bullied

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  1. I use to be a bully and I did it because I never got my way with my mom and I wanted to have my way. I liked making people do what I wanted but as I got older I got bullied back by people who were far bigger than me and I leanred the hard way that bullying is not nice.

  2. Hi Kita! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I found it funny! lol

    Glad you learned your lesson. I'll be stopping by soon. Please stop by again when you have some time. Thanks!


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