Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Overcame Teenage Drinking

When I was a teenager still in school, I was introduced to alcohol. I had over heard a group of girls talking about an alcoholic beverage (during class). I got curious and wanted to know more. One of the girls in the group told me she had an older friend that could get me some alcohol (the beverage they were speaking of). She and the rest of the group were talking about how good it was. I wanted to try it.

Drunk in School
So the next day in school, my friend (classmate) brought a bottle of it with her. I just had to pay her for it. She slipped it to me sometime in the morning. I put it in my book bag. (I have to wreck my brain here a bit. It's been years since I've been in school). I didn't drink it until the next day (before school). No one told me what it would do to me. I must have been walking around drunk for most of my morning classes. Of course at that time, I thought I was feeling pretty good!

The alcohol caused me to act in ways I normally would not have. If there was someone I wanted to tell off, I did it. If I liked a guy, he knew it (that day). This went on for weeks. I was hooked on alcohol from day one. I liked the way it made me feel.

Slipping Grades
Then, I started not caring about my grades (they were slipping). I started missing days at school. I got a boyfriend and started drinking around guys. "That was a big mistake."  I actually got drunk with my boyfriend and got taken advantage of by his best friend (fondling). I got so drunk that I didn't know where I was or what I was doing. I remember my boyfriend having to carry me into a McDonald's bathroom. Now I never sit on a toilet in a public restroom without first putting tissue over it. Well, on this occasion my boyfriend sat me on the toilet...Yuck! I must have puked several times too......Not very becoming of a young lady is it?

I never once thought of drinking as fun, I always considered it a way for me to escape reality. To be something I didn't have the courage to be in reality.

I'm not proud of any of these past events. I only hope my story will prevent other young girls from making these same mistakes. Alcohol messes with the mind. It takes your senses away from you. You can't think logical when you need too.

Drinking is not something to take lightly. How many lives have been lost because of a drunk driver? How many women have been raped, because they were too drunk to realize what was going on? Don't let alcohol consume you. Take control.

7 Tips For Parents (raising teenagers)

  1. Talk to your teens
  2. Take an interest in him or her
  3. Keep the doors of communication open
  4. Be involved with what they're doing
  5. Show them that you love them
  6. Don't give up on your teens (keep trying)
  7. Set the example in not over drinking
7 Tips For Teens (living with parents)

  1. Talk to your parents about your feelings
  2. Don't give up on your parents (they need love and understanding too)
  3. Choose your friends wisely
  4. Learn about a substance before you put it in your body
  5. Don't drink just because everyone else is drinking (if you do, drink in moderation)
  6. Hang with friends that are going to help you, not hurt you
  7. Know your limit
There's a saying, "We become like those we hang around." Do you want to become like the friends you hang around?

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