Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be The Best Teen Mom!

Babies Need Lots Of Love

Sometimes no matter how hard we try not to, we make mistakes. Unfortunately, for many teenagers, getting pregnant and having a child out of wedlock is one of them. But why dwell on that? When that the little one arrives, he/she is going to need your undivided attention. Once home from the hospital, you'll be lost as to what to do. I sure was. I wasn't even in my teens (with my first child).

When you come home from the hospital, you'll be surprised to find out that you don't get an instruction manual; on how to raise a child. It's hands on training....Don't worry, most of it comes naturally. Just follow your motherly instincts.

Give that child lots of love and attention. It is not just you anymore. You are now responsible for another person that depends on you. Any decisions that you make from this point on, will affect your child (make them wisely). If you don't know how to do something, seek the help of other experienced moms (especially your mother). If you don't understand something, research it (reliable resource). Please make your baby your priority. Be the best teenage Mom you can be!

Thanks for reading!

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